Without a strategy articulated, perhaps it’s time to start crowdsourcing one

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In my previous article, I discuss how a necessary component of leadership is setting and articulating a strategy. If this is not done, then leaders become managers executing a strategy that has not been articulated, and, in essence, multiplying the number of managers executing a non-existent or randomly generated or constantly changing strategy.  In other words, chaos.

In an earlier article, I discuss how one way to assure managers actually know the strategy is to ask them what they think the strategy and ask those reporting to the managers what they think the strategy is.

Now lets combine the two.  Let’s go ahead and ask people in the organization what they think strategy is.  Whether there is an articulated strategy or not, this process will, in essence, reveal what people in the organization think the strategy is.

Setting and articulating a strategy is not necessarily an easy thing to do, and even those in leadership positions seem to struggle with this.  So “crowdsourcing” is at least a way to generate ideas and kick start the process of identifying and articulating a strategy.  Read more