How to get out of what seem to be useless meetings

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In previous blog entries, I propose a simple set of questions to determine the usefulness or uselessness of a meeting.  In today’s post, I’ll help you use this framework to get out of the useless meetings!   Ready?  Let’s go!

Ok, so the first thing to do is to become familiar with the set of questions you need to ask before accepting or walking into the meeting:

Do the other attendees bring some value to me?  (Y/N)

Do I bring value to the other attendees? (Y/N)

Does the anticipated value of the meeting exceed what I can get accomplished if I don’t attend? (Y/N)

Will the meeting content get me un-stuck, make my work better, easier, more efficient, or compelling? (Y/N)

Will I have to do something differently in my job as a result of the meeting (Y/N)

Now think of a meeting that you consider worthless and ask yourself these five questions in regards to this meeting.

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