Nine simple tips to make meetings more compelling

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In my previous posts, I described a common mistake that managers make in regards to meetings:  Calling mandatory meetings.  In subsequent posts, I’ve listed criteria what makes a meeting more compelling from the participants’ view, and how you can even measure and track your meeting quality based on this criteria.  In this post, provide nine baseline tips for making meetings more compelling, and helping you move your meetings up the meeting quality index.  

1)      Wait until there is a reason to call a meeting. 

Instead of scheduling a regular meeting, and then try to find a use for it as that meeting approaches,  wait until there is a reason for the meeting, and then call the meeting.  For large groups, sometimes it is difficult to find a meeting time at the last minute, so the way to work around this is to have a regular meeting scheduled (such as a quarterly meeting).  But if you don’t have immediate and obvious ideas for what will fill that time with, then cancel the meeting.  Even if you have paid a deposit on the room, you’ll still save money if you don’t have immediate ideas for what the meeting is for.

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