Important fields that an employee performance log should contain – Advanced Level

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The Manager by Design blog advocate that people managers should keep some sort of log, easily created in a spreadsheet, that tracks the behaviors and performance of their employees.  I provide a few reasons to do so here.    In my previous posts, I provided the “beginner” and “intermediate” fields that ought to be in the log.  These beginner-level fields focus on documenting the specific behavior using behavior-based language and the intermediate fields focus on providing performance feedback.  Here are the fields:

Item num-ber Date Name Title Con-text Ob-served behavior Pre-ferred behavior Impact of ob-served behavior Feed-back pro-vided Feed-back date Actions agreed to by employee Actions agreed to by manager

In today’s post, I provide additional columns that can be added to your employee performance log to further increase the usefulness and effectiveness of creating and managing such a log.  Consider these the “advanced level” fields.  So in addition to the fields above, here are the next set of recommended columns for your employee performance log: Read more