Manager by Design celebrates its one-year anniversary! Here are our top 10 articles so far!

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The Manager by Design blog is celebrating its one-year anniversary this week!

We’ve published over 100 articles on People and Team Management, and started the discussion on how we can create better managers by design.

To celebrate, let’s count down the top 10 most popular articles of the year!

#10: When managers should praise and thank employees

#9: How to give positive feedback to your manager

#8: Examples of managers providing better performance feedback

#7: Reasons why discussing employee weaknesses is bad

#6: An example of praising an employee for doing a good job

#5: Example phrases for how to ask for feedback

#4: Let’s clarify what “dealing with ambiguity” means

#3: An example of giving specific and immediate performance feedback

#2: Examples of how to better discuss strengths and weaknesses

and the #1 most popular Manager by Design article in 2010 is. . .

#1: Good and Bad Examples of Performance Feedback

Thanks to all who follow and comment on the Manager by Design blog!  We have lots of great articles coming out for next year.

Keep reading Manager by Design for great people management tips and awesome team management tips, and we’ll keep developing the emerging field of management design!

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Walter Oelwein, CMC, CPT, helps managers become better at managing. To do this, he founded Business Performance Consulting, LLC .

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