Manager by Design Year in Review: Top Article Series (part 2)

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As we close out the year, here are the top series of articles published by Manager by Design in 2010.  Check out part one here.

Providing Expectations:

Providing expectations sets the bar for what you and your team need to do, and how to get it done.  Yet it is an ignored art.  Here are some articles on the art of providing expectations:

The art of providing expectations: If there are established performance criteria, then make them known!

The art of providing expectations: Get input and the earlier the better

The art of providing expectations: Tie the expectations to the larger strategy

Examples of providing expectations to your team

Examples of using expectations to improve your performance feedback

The Value of Providing Expectations: Positive reinforcement proliferates

Performance feedback is a means to improve your expectation-providing skills

Behavior-based language:

Managers need to check their usage of language to focus on behaviors.  This doesn’t necessarily come naturally.  Here is primer on using behavior-based language.

Behavior-based language primer for managers: How to tell if you are using behavior-based language

Behavior-based language primer for managers: Avoid using value judgments

Behavior-based language primer for managers: Stop using generalizations

How to use behavior-based language to lead to evaluation and feedback

Behavior-based language primer: Steps and Examples of replacing using adverbs

Behavior-based language primer for managers: Examples of how to improve employee corrective feedback and how to get rid of damaging adverbs

Managing from a deficit:

When one is an individual contributor, it’s generally easy to figure out when you are falling behind.  But it isn’t so easy when you’re a manager.  These articles focus on the moments that might reveal you’re managing from a deficit, and could benefit from changing your management practices.

The manager who yells is managing from a deficit

Check your usage of the word “just.” It could mean you’re managing from a deficit

What it really means when a manager swings by and asks, “You doing OK?”

Five tips for reducing drama on your team

If you’re the manager, it’s your job not to act surprised

Managers behaving badly: Training the team not to report bad news

What to do when you see a status or metric as “Red”

Keep reading the Manager by Design blog for tips on people management and team management.  Happy new year and see you in 2011!

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