How to improve management design: Look at examples of high-profile careers that receive a lot of performance feedback

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The Manager by Designsm blog discusses performance feedback a lot.  That’s because it is an art that is practiced either in a limited manner, or poorly.  At the same time, performance feedback is a significant driver to improved performance of people on your team, perhaps the most significant driver.  If you imagine the alternative – no performance feedback – you will have a situation where whatever level of performance you are at will either stay the same or get worse.  Similarly, the professions that seem to be the most visible and most public seem to get the most performance feedback.  Some of it is requested, and some of it is unsolicited, but in all cases, if the profession is important enough, the performance feedback comes in frequently, specifically, and immediately.

Let’s take a look at some example professions that receive performance feedback, and how that feedback is delivered:

Professional athletes: Professional athletes get feedback in the following ways:

–Coaching during practice and games

–Sportswriters during practice and after games

–The public during games and after games

–The scoreboard


–Analysis of statistics

–Comparisons to other athletes’ statistics

–Playing time

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