Step 4 for Employees Providing Feedback to a Manager: Prepare by talking to Human Resources first

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This is the latest in a series of posts to help employees give corrective feedback to their manager.  If done well, the manager improves at being a manager, the team works better together, and there is less cost of poor quality management.  If done poorly, the manager can recriminate on the employees trying to give feedback, making a bad situation worse.

This series is designed to help employees maximize the likelihood that feedback to the manager goes well, and minimize the likelihood that the manager does not accept the feedback and causes further damage to the team.  Here are the prior steps:

Step 1: Keep a log and identify non-feedback strategies

Step 2: Provide positive reinforcement to the behaviors you like

Step 3: Create an agreement in advance with the manager to receive feedback from employees

Now step 4:  Make a pre-emptive trip to Human Resources:

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