Top 10 Manager by Design Articles of 2011

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The Manager by Design Blog celebrates its 2-year anniversary today!

Let’s count down the top 10 most popular articles of 2011!

10. Quick tips for making all-hands meetings tolerable and useful

9. If you really want to evaluate performance across individuals, here are some things that need to be in place

8. How to be collaborative rather than combative with your employees – and make annual reviews go SOOO much better

7. Tips for how a manager can improve direct peer feedback

6. More reasons the big boss’s feedback on an employee is useless

5. What to do when your boss gives feedback on your employee? That’s a tough one, so let’s try to unwind this mess.

4. How to create a team strategy document—use the team

3. Why peer feedback from surveys doesn’t qualify as feedback

2. Some pros and cons of peer feedback directly given by peers

1. Examples of how peer feedback from surveys is misused by managers

Thanks to all who have supported the Manager by Design blog.  Keep reading the Manager by Design blog for great tips on people and team management, as well as deep thinking and analysis on how organizations can structurally improve how managers perform!

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